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Update – Filescout

3. Juni 2010


What's New
  • When installed: Printing any document directly from your BlackBerry with BreezyPrint
  • All details about BreezyPrint can be found at the BreezyPrint Website
  • Archiving of eMails can now also be called from an opened eMail
  • Archiving of SMS-Messages (just like the eMail-Archive function)
  • New General Option: 'Preferred Network' - More and more functions of FileScout requires some online communication. Now it's possible to select your preferred Network for this online communication. Please note that FileScout have implemented an automated fallback behavior. So if your selection is (currently) not available FileScout will try to make use of a different Network type.
What's Fixed?
  • Unzip of archives containing Unicode filenames [only chars of the BlackBerry® OS are supported]


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