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BerryWeather 2.5.46 released

14. Oktober 2010

BerryWeather 2.5 kommt mit Folgenden änderungen!

  • Added push support to instantly notify about weather alerts without draining the battery
  • Added support for custom icons. We are looking forward to iconsets created by the community!
  • Added support for sharing weather and advisory via TwitterAdded support for BlackBerry LBS (location based services) on OS 5.0 and higher devices for cell location lookup. This greatly improve cell location lookup accuracy
  • Improved weather alert support and filtering
  • Added new icon size XXX-Large
  • Added new theme "Day&Night Transparent"
  • New default background image in Day&Night theme. Shows sunlit sky for daytime, moonlit sky for nighttime locations. Transitions smoothly between locations on touchscreen devices (try it ;))
  • Added support for wide background images. If a background image is wider than the screen it will scroll slightly in the background while you move from location to location.
  • Added option to show a shortcut on the homescreen for selected locations (OS 6.0 only)
  • New titlebar showing full device radio status and application indicators (OS 6.0t only)
  • New titlebar showing full device radio status and application indicators (OS 6.0t only)
  • Added option to toggle automatic/manual updating per location
  • Added option to turn of advisories for a location
  • Added 'lighten/darken' background setting for homescreen wallpaper
  • Added font color setting for homescreen wallpaper
  • Added separate font settings for homescreen wallpaper
  • Added daily/hourly forecast option to homescreen wallpaper
  • Added drop shadows below text for better legibility
  • Added option to select font family (OS 5.0 and higher)
  • Many bug fixes!


Download! for OS 4.2.1

Download! for OS 4.5

Download! for OS 4.6

Download! for OS 4.7

Download! for OS 5.0

Download! for OS 6.0

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