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Berryreader 1.1 Public Beta RC1

1. November 2010

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Version 1.1.43 RC1, Oct 31st, 18:30 CET

- Fixed touch hover to open flagging screen
- When exiting out of BerryReader the last selected article will stay selected when returning

Version 1.1.42, Oct 29th, 04:00 CET

- Added new visual UI for swiping article headers to toggle read/star on touchscreen devices (see screenshot below)
- Fixed hover to show flags popup not working
- Enabled image viewer for all images (even non-resized ones)
- Fixed scrolling up in folder select popup not always going all the way to 'All Items'
- Clicking/touching a link in an article will open it in browser (no need for touchpad click)
- Added support for moving full pages via SPACE key

Version 1.1.37, Oct 28th, 04:00 CET

- Now showing multiple article images inline, not just the first one
- Clicking an image opens a new image viewer for full size image viewing, with option to zoom and pan (supports pinch-to-zoom on touchscreens)
- Added option to hide "all feeds"/"feeds not in folders" from feed selection popup
- Feed selection popup now shows feeds below folders
- Improved overall UI responsiveness
- Hiding 'Starred' indicator when items are not starred, changed its position to provide more room for item title
- Moved flag menu items into submenu (OS 6)

Version 1.1.20, Oct 20th, 02:00 CET

- Added 'Share' button to tollbar on touchscreen devices
- Moved 'Share' menu items into submenu (OS 6.0) or popup (pre OS 6.0)
- Fixed 'T' not focusing first article
- Fixed 'N' and 'P' not moving past date headers
- Reverted 'Mark all as read' to marking visible as read. Renamed list and menu item to 'Mark items as read'. Changed 'Mark all as read' menu item to 'Mark feed as read'

Version 1.1.18, Oct 19th, 03:30 CET

- Added 'Share on Facebook' support
- Changed 'Mark all as read' to really mark all articles as read. Old functionality has been kept as menu item 'Mark visible as read'
- Added date separator between articles
- Added keyboard shortcut for e-mailing articles
- Another fix for articles not downloading on non BIS connections (Wifi only/BES)
- Minor fixes at Twitter authorization process

Version 1.1.10, Sep 18th, 02:30 CET

- Fixed articles not downloading on non BIS connections (Wifi only/BES)

Version 1.1.09, Sep 17th, 03:00 CET:

- Fixed a bug where feeds/folders would not show up for some users
- Added more error messages on network errors to track down some of the reports where no articles are showing

Version 1.1.05, Sep 10th, 15:00 CET:

- Added OS 6.0 build
- Added 'Share on Twitter' support
- Added homescreen notification icon setting
- Added support for viewing of full article in BerryReader (OS 5.0 and higher only)
- Added option to search in feed list (simply start typing)
- Added support for Google/Instapaper mobilizer when opening articles in browser
- Added new feedback menu item that redirects to this forum
- Added menu item/shortcut for marking items read/unread
- Using native toolbar (OS 6.0)
- Enlarged 'Mark all as read' field
- Changed layout of settings to mimic OS 6.0 settings screens
- Changed feed select list to show tags above feeds
- Showing unread count for tags in the feeds list
- Clicking links in articles will open links in browser right away instead of showing context menu
- Fixed touch/click not expanding articles on touchscreen devices
- Fixed some subscriptions not showing any items
- Fixed thumbnails being reloaded on every UI launch
- Fixed sign up link in login screen not working
- Potential fix for 'process terminated' bug

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