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Offiziell – N-TV Nachrichten

29. Juni 2011 Kommentare aus

Download!- Appworld

Rumors: 9850 & 9860 aka „Volt“

26. Mai 2011 Kommentare aus

Zurzeit gehen wieder einmal Gerüchte um, dass die beiden o.g. Geräte den Namen Volt tragen werden!

BlackBerry PlayBook interaktive Demo

12. April 2011 Kommentare aus

Starten der Demo!

Erstes hands-on den Bold Touch

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Amazon MP3 for Blackberry Handbuch

26. März 2011 Kommentare aus


das Blackberrykientel wird immer Jünger

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Offiziell – Facebook

2. März 2011 Kommentare aus

OTA – Download!
  • Email Notification Improvements
    Previously, if you turned on email notifications using the website, then logged out and logged back into Facebook on your BlackBerry smartphone, your email notification settings would be turned off.
    Now, with Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones, email notifications are left enabled if you change email notification settings using, then log out and log back in to Facebook on your BlackBerry smartphone.
  • Background Polling
    Previously, if you set the background polling option to Never, then logged out and logged back into Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones, the polling setting would be set to 10 minutes instead of Never. This issue has been corrected so the background polling option will remain at the Never setting.
  • Photo Upload Freeze Fix
    In the past, users may have seen their BlackBerry smartphone freeze when sending a photo to Facebook from the Media folder on their BlackBerry smartphone. This issue has been corrected by this maintenance release so no further freezing should occur.
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